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SET Class

The SET (Sober Education and Training) Class is a self-paced class for individuals who are evaluating their relationship with alcohol or other substances, and have experienced a legal issue as a result of the substance use or behavior. Most often, this is a DUI, but may also be a work or family-related issue. The course consists of a review of the presentation slides, which contain information about DUI statistics and consequences, symptoms and signs of addictive or unhealthy use patterns, trauma-related issues, family dynamics, and belief systems. The course is accompanied by a video presentation of the key points (about 2 hours), a MADD victim impact video (about 30 minutes), and a post-test to verify participants have gained the requisite knowledge from the presentation. Upon successful completion of the post-test, a certificate will be issued verifying the participant's course completion. We believe you will learn more than you expected from this course!

Anger Management

The Anger Management course is a self-paced, evidence-based program that employs the SAMHSA-approved workbook "Anger Management". In addition to the workbook, the course is provided in sets of "modules", that can be completed at the participant's chosen pace. After each set of modules, there is a post-test or quiz, which allows the participant to delve deeper into what was learned from the modules. The course is a total of 12 modules, one of which is a phone assessment with a certified counselor. The assessment will give an opportunity for participants to share some history, discuss the issues that led to enrollment in the course, and establish recommendations for moving forward. After successfully completing all modules and quizzes, a certificate of completion will be provided. This course, while focused on "Anger Management", really provides some tools and a roadmap for responding to life in healthy ways.